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Video for Coinstore ,ChangeNOW and Halving

Why are we asking for funding?

Greetings everyone. I had a meeting with Turkish Youtuber Burak Demiralp and we agreed to shoot a video about Epic Cash.

Burak Demiralp has many videos about Crypto mining in Turkey.
There are previous videos about Epic Cash





This video idea will be an informative video for Coinstore, ChangeNOW and Upcoming Halving.

I think it is a good investment to mobilize the community and reach more people.

We can also give gifts to followers in the Video.

Sending $5 of EPIC to 100 Followers can increase Coinstore volume or increase EPIC Pay downloads.

Burak Demiralp stated that he will accept an EPIC Payment of 375 USD for this video idea.

So when the current amount is calculated, we need 470 Epic Cash for the video.

We will also send $5 worth of EPICs to 100 Followers. The EPIC number required for this is 630.

Totall : 1100 EPIC

This video will be significantly informative and encouraging for Turkish followers. We look forward to your support. Thanks

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