Scammed by Dollar Vigilante Jeff Berwick

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Hello, I decided to come to Nicaragua and leave Australia (some people may understand the situation in Australia and what has happened there since 2020; I do not want to make any political statements here on this site) as Jeff Berwick together with ECI Development, Mike Cobb and his staff promote Nicaragua and Gran Pacifica for a number of reasons on Youtube, Bitchute, Odysee, Rumble and the Dollar Vigilante website and the ECI websites and in their promotional products as an easy country to migrate to (easy residency process), a safe country and a cheap country to live in.

Mike Cobb, ECI Development still collaborates with Jeff Berwick “The Dollar Vigilante” (https://dollarvigilante.com/) until today and basically with the same wording and a similar spin as they have done for several years now. Anarcapulco, the other Jeff Berwick Scam Operation is also part of this. Almost none of the promises made have anything to do with the real situation here in Nicaragua at a place called "Gran Pacifica". ECI had not really started on my home, which was fully paid by the end of 2021, by the time I arrived in March 2022. I had to pay extortion money for rent at Gran Pacifica whilst I tried to sort out the mess. Gran Pacifica even overcharged me on rental payment as I found out later. There is not really any residency in Nicaragua for foreigners unless you have a lot of spare money to gamble with or you are an approved pensioner with regular foreign payments. I cannot get residency for my house that I now live in. And ECI development refuses to give me an unencumbered title for the house that I paid for. The residency situation in Nicaragua became another nightmare. Most people in the end give up even trying. I lost a lot of money by trying. All the money that I had put aside to live for a few years in Nicaragua, that money I lost within the first year because of all the disinformation spread by ECI Development and Jeff Berwick. I also tried to ship household items to Nicaragua. Another bad experience with the relocation agent recommended by ECI Development. A huge loss. If you are interested in finding out more details please contact me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or the email linked to this account here on Epicfundme.

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